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Go West

Song: Go West
Artists: Pet Shop Boys
Original artists: Village People

Village People released their original version of Go West in 1979. It found popularity on
the disco scene and became a top 20 hit in the UK, Ireland and Belgium.
Inspiration of the title is thought to have come from the phrase “Go West, young man”
which was the rallying call for the colonisation of the American West in the 19 th century
attributed to New York Tribune newspaper editor Horace Greeley.

The song found a new lease of life 13 years later when the Pet Shop Boys were asked
to perform at an AIDS charity event in Manchester. PSB Chris Lowe selected Go West
for the performance. Singer Neil Tennent forgot the words during the performance, but
the duo decided to release it as a single irrespective. It peaked at No 2 in the UK charts
and rose to No 1 in Finland, Germany, Iceland and Ireland.

Fans of football – especially in Germany and the UK – have created their own versions
of the song. Among them are: Go home – to your sexy wives; One-nil to the Arsenal;
Ooh-aah Eric Cantona and Go West – Bromwich Albion. Not overly inventive that last
one, but it scans okay. Those trying to antagonise the opposition players would sing:
“You’re shit – and you know you are”. Charming, huh?

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