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The concept of “it worked before, why wouldn’t it again?” is well tried and tested. Some of the
best movies of modern times are reworks of films that were hits in the earlier motion pictures.
The same applies in the field of popular music. Acts “putting their own spin” on previous hits
can prove very satisfying – and lucrative.
In several instances, success has come on the back of the song being re-recorded to form part
of a film soundtrack. Hits such as Love is All Around from Four Weddings and a Funeral,
Unchained Melody from Ghost and A Groovy Kind of Love from Buster readily spring to mind.
However, being on movie soundtrack is not a prerequisite for artists to have success with a
cover version.
In putting these recollections together, I couldn’t decide whether to start slow and build to
some form of crescendo or open with the big guns and hope to maintain the pace.
I chose the latter.
Dave Buckley