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Dave D

Live from our studio: Pop, house and mashups plus chat live and send me your requests 

Thanks to all of you who have sent us good-luck messages 

Big Thanks to PixMiller

Weekdays 7pm


Dj Sway

“Hey Swey here, I’m an IT guy by day and a radio guy by night. I love my music—70s, 80s, 90s, Noughties, you name it Charted Classic Hits and Noughties Now, so make sure you tune in to BKK1. I would love to have your company.”on my radio shows

Kontroller-Project BKK1ok

Kontroller Project

Kontroller Project is a project of electronic music from city of Donetsk
Composition of the project: DJ-me and sound producers Max Nemo and Gena Zeon. We take and Play music in Progressive-Trance style.
The project was formed by two friends, Maksim Kapynov and Gennadiy Shkodin in 2012.
our weekend Dance Nights


Robbie T

Join Robbie T, taking you back in time with all that swing and memories, as Robbie says. The best gift you can give someone is your time, because you can’t get it back! .

Weekdays 3 pm


Danny Wee

Danny Wee, an exceptional urban freestyle artist and MC raised in the Nottingham UK, Moving around the fight scene.

jr bKK1

James Ross

James has been broadcasting one way or another since he was a teenager. He started out in BBC Local Radio, working at BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Bristol.

He was for many years behind the scenes at BBC Radio One. Later he was a reporter at BBC Radio Two and LBC, and subsequently with a slightly different hat on, James focused on business news at financial network Bloomberg Radio in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

James has also presented music shows for top radio stations all over the world, including those in countries as diverse as Spain, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the UK, and for 10 years for RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong.

Michael Sandoval bbk1 radio

Michael Sandoval

“Comedian Mike Sandoval combines Classic Rock with Crazy Talk plus Goofy Dedications, Wacky Requests and Strange Shoutouts on Mike’s Madhouse Radio Show, Tuesdays at 1pm”

pp bkk1

DJ Andy P

DJ Andy started off with old-school house music, as this was the popular music in the clubs where he hung out back in 1996. He practiced on this beat to perfection and gained the confidence to play to a sizeable audience.

bkk1 geoff carter

Geoff Dorsett

Geoff is a music jock and 8 times award-winning DJ. He started his music career at age 13 with some
local discos, and by 18 was working with Mecca Ballrooms, opening venues around the UK.

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