An evening with Ed Sheeran

AEG Presents Asia, in partnership with UOB, will be bringing a specially tailored one-night-only performance by the world-famous legendary musician Ed Sheeran, titled ‘An Evening with Ed Sheeran’ to Bangkok.After his highly anticipated + – = ÷ x Tour at Bangkok’s Rajamangala National Stadium, Sheeran will play a special show at UOB LIVE, Bangkok’s new, state-of-the-art live entertainment venue, on Sunday, February 11, 2024. This encore performance will be available exclusively for UOB customers only.’An Evening with Ed Sheeran’ is a rare opportunity to experience the singer-songwriter perform in not only a more intimate environment but also against an iconic music destination that is UOB Live. The show promises a unique showcase of tracks from Sheeran’s Subtract and Autumn Variations, as well as his greatest hits, as he interacts with his fans.

Details of sale dates and ticket prices:

General ticket sales:Wednesday 17 January 2024 at 12:00 noon onwards
Ticket price:6,800/ 5,800/ 4,800 baht
Distribution channels: (Sold through online channels only)

Frequently asked questionsBefore the sale of concert tickets Customers may have many questions about shows and ticket sales. We have compiled this useful Q&A for our customers’ convenience. We are committed to preparations to try and get the tickets that will go on sale to our fans. Only the real one

How do I buy a ticket?• Concert promoter Ed Sheeran does not support repurchasing of tickets from third parties. or from other channels that are not authorized other than the website Thaiticketmajor • To prepare for purchasing tickets. It is recommended that you register via the website only.• When purchasing a concert ticket You will receive confirmation via email. as proof of purchase The email you receive is only an order confirmation once your order has been completed. and for use in exchanging paper tickets to enter the show The email you received cannot be used to enter the show.• We reserve the right for those who use UOB credit/debit cards and Citi credit cards only (Citi credit card members can use such rights).

Receiving concert tickets for attending a performance• You will be able to pick up tickets at 11 main Thai Ticket Major branches between 27 January and 4 February 2024.• After February 4, 2024, you will be able to pick up your tickets at the Thai Ticket Major booth. Concert venue area• Documents used to receive concert tickets

For customers who pay via credit/debit card     1. Order confirmation     2. Show the ID card of the credit/debit card owner.     3. Show your credit/debit card.

Ticket distribution channels: website  only.

When will ticket sales start?Open for sale on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at 12:00 noon onwards. ***Purchasing tickets on January 17, 2024, please press to wait to receive the queue to buy tickets on the website from 11:00 a.m. Check the queue receiving process>>

Ticket price4,800/5,800/6,800 baht

• When purchasing a card You must specify the full names of all concertgoers seated. Matches with ID card specified in Thai or English only The name will be printed on the card. and cannot be changed Please check your name and surname are correct before paying.

• Payment via credit card, debit card is subject to a convenience fee of 3 %. Customers who require special care or who are disabled to attend the show, please send an email to 

[email protected] , or through customer service, call 02 262 3838.Unethical reselling of tickets It is when an individual purchases a card at face value and then resells it for an inflated price through methods and websites that are not approved by the artist. This leaves real fans with no opportunity to buy tickets at face value.Unauthorized card sales and merchants Multiple payment cards will be used. False identity information and computer programs (‘bots’) to buy tickets in large numbers and then resell them at inflated prices.

How many concert tickets can I buy?There is a limit of 4 tickets per transaction to give fans the fairest opportunity to purchase tickets as possible. The entire audience must arrive at the same time as the person named on the show ticket. Please note that any transactions All that were detected were bot purchases. Acquirers who create repeated accounts To purchase more than the specified number of cards or any action Any suspicious purchases that exceed the specified amount will be cancelled.

Can I buy a card as a gift?If the visitor’s surname matches the surname of the main reservation, they will be able to visit. For other people’s cards Admission will be valid as long as everyone arrives with the main booker. If you want to buy a card as a gift The ticket giver must attend the show at the same time. The same applies to the card recipient as well.

What are the documents required for the visit?To attend a concert You need tickets to see the actual show. Booking confirmation email and photo identification or a valid passport that matches the name on the card

What are the age restrictions?Children under 7 years of age are not recommended to attend the show. Because the performance is noisy and special effects may be used during the performance.

I can’t find my verification email?Please check your junk or spam folder. or contact customer service. ThaiticketMajor via email  

[email protected] , or call 02 262 3838

I can’t watch the show. Due to force majeure and need to sell my card What do I do?The resale of Ed Sheeran concert tickets is strictly prohibited in any case. Ed Sheeran tickets that are offered for sale elsewhere. either online or offline (including Viagogo or other unauthorized sources including all ticket resale websites) will result in all ticket reservations being cancelled. Buyers and their entire group’s tickets will be denied entry to the show. and purchase other tickets of the same buyer will be canceled as well.

When will we receive the card?For those who purchase tickets through the website Thaiticketmajor You will receive an email confirming your order. You can exchange your order confirmation for a paper ticket at the Thai Ticket booth at 11 main branches. • You will be able to pick up your tickets at 11 main Thai Ticket Major outlets between 27 January and 4 February 2024.• After that, you will be able to pick up your tickets at the Thai Ticket Major booth. Concert venue area on the day of the performance

Are cameras allowed?Do not bring professional cameras. (with removable lens) video equipment and recording equipment Entering the performance area is strictly prohibited. You can use the camera from your smartphone.

How soon should we arrive?Please check the ticket agent’s website for door opening times. And leave enough time before the show starts.I can’t come in with my card. It failed to scan and I was rejected?Don’t worry, we can try to help you. In the first instance, head to the ticket booth. The staff will be able to assist you. Remember, never buy a ticket from someone you don’t know in person on the street or from an unauthorized ticket resale website.Your card includes the account. ThaiTicketMajor Related content will be void/banned immediately if resold or offered for sale. unless ticket sales are made through official ticket agents for exchange between fans. Cards sold through third parties and other sellers that is not allowed including online auction websites and/or involved in fraudulent activities will not be used. Duplicate ticket sales will render the ticket invalid and may lead to denial of entry.

Terms and Conditions1. Performance tickets that can be used to enter the event. There are only cards issued by ThaitickerMajor Only one type Please keep information including the QR Code on your card confidential. The card can only be used to enter the event once. The organizer will not be responsible if your card information is leaked. or has been used illegally2. When arriving at the event as a group The main reservation must be present. (The name listed as the account holder on the official ticket seller website and printed on the ticket) to allow the entire group to enter the event. All group members should enter the venue together.3. To be able to enter work Upon arrival at the performance venue The primary booker may be asked to present all of the following along with the card:    i) Photo identification (driver’s license, passport)    ii) Booking confirmation email4. Concert tickets are the property of the organizer forever. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the ticket without prior notice. 5. Your ticket has been sold by the organizer. directly to viewers. Any tickets purchased from businesses or merchants in violation of the ticket sales terms and conditions will be cancelled. Purchasing a ticket constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions which confirms that you are a spectator.6. Your card will be canceled immediately if it is found to be resold or offered for sale. Unless sales are made through official ticket agents only. Cards sold through third parties and other merchants that is not allowed including online auction websites will not be able to be used for viewing Duplicate ticket sales will render the ticket invalid, invalid and may lead to denial of entry.7. Ticket sales are limited to 4 tickets per transaction.8. Only tickets purchased through official ticket agents can be used to enter the show. The venue reserves the right to refuse entry.9. Please be careful of scammers who come in various forms, such as accepting reservations for concert tickets. Giving a booking code Buying and selling concert tickets outside the system Impersonating an employee of the organizer’s company, etc. Please note that the organizer reserves the right to grant concert ticket benefits based on the information of the ticket purchaser from the organizer only. and will not take any responsibility If there is damage in the event that the customer purchases concert tickets from a third party, this is at the decision of the organizer. considered final10. Purchasing concert tickets means that the buyer has accepted the terms and conditions set forth by the organizer above in all respects.

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